Septic Tank

Septic Tank
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When people think about schedule plumbing maintenance, they usually think about their drains and pipes. However, the septic tank is just as important. The unit manages waste in homes and businesses that are not connected to the city’s main sewer lines. If left untreated, your septic tank can overflow, causing serious damage to both your property and your senses.

Common Septic Tank Issues - In a septic system, wastewater enters through a chamber into the septic tank. There, the solid sludge settles to the bottom, while the scum floats to the top. Liquid moves through the chamber, carrying the scum into another chamber, where solid waste further moves to the bottom. Finally, the excess liquid moves out into a drain field. Throughout the process, the waste is anaerobically decomposed.

When it works the way it should, a septic tank keeps a property functioning efficiently. The average tank should be pumped every three to five years. However, if left untreated, the tank can become full and overflow.

Warning Signs

Pooling water – When water starts to pool on your lawn or field without an obvious explanation, is may be because your septic tank is too full. A professional can pump your tank to fix it.

Foul odors – A full septic tank will cause the sludge to rise, emitting foul odors around the household or property.

Health of your lawn – Not all waste is created equally. Unlike fertilizer, septic waste can kill your grass. Look for inexplicable brown and yellow patches in your lawn.

Slow draining toilet – If your septic tank becomes too full, it can interfere with the way your toilet functions. Pay attention to how quickly your toilet drains after a flush.


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